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Heyo~ Call me Jay! First things first, I\\'m nonbinary, and I do prefer they/them pronouns ^^ If you see me around, I\\'ll be cosplaying as the gardener from the Untitled Goose Game... with a surprise appearance from Untitled Goose themself! Honk honk! I also walk with a cane covered in stickers because much like I don\\'t know how to adult, my joints don\\'t know how to joint.
I\\'m a huge fan of Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with Harry Potter, DC Cinematic Universe, and some Doctor Who. I\\'m also still very active in the Warriors cats fandom despite being 20 because I guess the battle cats will always control my life lol
In my free time I draw, write, and watch way too many Warriors cats animations on YouTube because the animators in the Warriors fandom are just... absolutely incredible.
Along with fandom things, I\\'m a Vulture Culturist which means I Collect Dead Things(TM). Not like... rotting dead things and definitely not human remains or anything, but things like cleaned bones of animals found in the woods or leftover from animals used for meat or tanned fur from any source but especially from roadkill or animals that naturally passed or leftover from animals used for meat. It\\'s a little weird on paper but if you\\'re curious feel free to ask me about it~
Other than that, I\\'m just your local sapphic mouse breeder that dreams of a life on a homestead with nothing but nature, my animals, hopefully with my girlfriend Ken (you may see her walking around with me!), and a big mug of chai tea to keep me company ^^
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